Provide for the customer: safety environmental protection durable lifelong maintenance garden tools
  • Around garden tools company active in attending, is committed to develop more new customers, promote art, product visibility, gradually improve after-sales service network, providing customers with more comprehensive products is introduced.
  • Company according to the change of market demand, timely development of new products, standards of laboratory equipment, ensure the quality and efficiency of products, let customer with ease, comfortable.
  • Companies have an engineer, he designed a lawn mower is like a tank as strong, solid materials, solid structure, can take the weight of 120 pounds and deformation.
  • ESEN Every employee, to work conscientiously careful, meticulous, strive to produce safety, environmental protection, durable products.
    • ES-M3401:
      340mm 1400w
      Induction motor mower luxury mode
    • ES-M3801:
      380mm 1600w
      Induction motor mower luxury model
    • ES-M4201:
      420mm 1800w
      Induction motor mower luxury model
    • ES-M4011:
      420mm 1600w
      Induction motor mower luxury model
    • ES-H5112:
      600w 1700RPM
      High-power pruning shears
    • ES-H5126:
      600w 1600RPM
      High-power pruning shears
    • ES-H6126:
      750w 1500RPM
      High-power pruning shears
    • ES-S4002:
      2500w 4050RPM
      Knife disc machine broken branches
    • ES-V2802:
      2800w 14000RPM
      Zero assembly of breathing machine
    • ES-V3002:
      3000w 16500RPM
      Zero assembly of breathing machine

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